Our Approach TO Ventilator Design

April 7, 2020

OpenBreath.Tech (OBT) was launched on March 24th, as a call to action for engineers and doctors across the world to collaborate on ventilator designs.The same day we reached out to Captain Bharucha, an 84 year old inventor, who has been making ventilators in Pune for more than three decades through his company Bharucha Instrumentation and Control.

Captain Bharucha kindly agreed to share his machine with us - and the world. We have made the v1.0 design files available open source by attribution via GitHub and you can access this, and contribute to the project, via our Slack Channel.

Introducing The Bharucha Ventilator

Having reviewed more than 70 projects and prototypes we felt that Captain Bharucha’s ventilator needed to be one of the options available to clinicians and engineers working in resource constrained environments. Our initial focus has been making a complete CAD model of the Bharucha Ventilator, and developing a purely mechanical v2.0. We then want to design an electro-mechanical v3.0 with electronic sensors, displays and controls.

We refer to this as Bharucha Ventilator v1. Most of the parts were handmade by Captain Bharucha himself.

Below is the open source CAD version which the team at IISER and IUCAA created in silico the files are available Open Source under a Creative Commons License By Attribution 4.0. To download join our Slack Channel at bit.ly/obtslack.

Bharucha ventilator 1.1
Barucha Ventilator 1.1 2nd angle

Bharucha Ventilator v2.0 potentially suitable for COVID-19 patients with Acute Respiratory Disease Syndrome (ARDS)

Our team have worked on re-engineering elements of the machine with a view to simplify parts to ease the manufacturing process and to add functionality. The designs of which we are also releasing as Bharucha Ventilator v2.0. We have simplified some of the parts to ease manufacturing and added some functionality. As an open source collaborative project we welcome you to join our efforts and share your own comments and modifications.

If you would like to contribute please join our Slack channel bit.ly/obtslack

Prototyping and Manufacturing

We are actively working with engineering workshops for both hand tooling on lathes and mass manufacture on CNC machines.

If you would like to collaborate please email hello@openbreath.tech